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Be a part of a team that takes pride in standing out from the crowd

As a Mortgage Broker with Addon, you will be a pivotal part of a winning team that’s recognized as Melbourne’s best Accounting and Financial Solutions Provider. We offer unparalleled learning and development opportunities, gearing you towards achieving a rewarding career and to help you succeed in an ever-growing industry.

When it comes to kickstarting your career as a Mortgage Broker, a lack of experience is not at all a what we’d call a deal breaker.

If you’re looking for a career that’s challenging & rewarding and have the passionate drive to succeed and help others succeed, you’re just about right for the job. What could possibly be better than helping people out there achieve their investment goals and move into their dream homes, right?

How Mortgage Broking can
benefit you ?

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Brand Recognition

Being a part of a strong and established brand that is renowned for our reliability, transparency and high customer satisfaction rates, allows you to build and grow your business on the strength of ours.

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Top Tier Commissions

We offer you a choice of highly competitive top tier commission models specially designed to maximize your rewards, minimize your costs and best suit your goals, business strategy and lifestyle.

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Ongoing Mentoring & Support

Being your own boss doesn’t mean you need to do it alone! We strongly believe in growing together, as one. Learn the tips and tricks of the trade from experienced mortgage professionals who started exactly where you are. Our mentors will provide you with all the resources and tools that you require to build a business that’s unique to your style.

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Diverse Network

Our access to a diverse network of financial solutions providers including Local Banks, Credit Unions, Online Lending Institutions and Wholesale Funding Agencies, gives us an edge in ensuring that you are provided with everything you need to diversify your income and success as a broker.

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Multiple Branding Options

Whether you’re an experienced broker choosing to operate under your existing brand or are new to the industry and choose to obtain the support of an already established brand, we provide you with professional marketing & branding options that guarantee success.

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Marketing Services

From generic marketing campaigns to your own bespoke marketing content we provide you with all the tools and professional support that is required to help you create brand awareness and ensure that your business grows, is setup for success right from the start.


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Happy Customers

Find out how our brokers started their journey and how far they have come today!

Add Mortgage Broking to your existing portfolio

Mortgage brokering can be extremely financially rewarding when done right, and we do it right! Our successful and flexible business model ensures that you are able to extend your business proposition in to the field of mortgage brokering while continuing to maintain your brand’s unique identity with absolutely no hassle.

You can now realize your potential, grow your revenue and leverage your existing client portfolio! How is this all possible, you might ask? When you become a part of our turnkey program, you gain instant access to our diverse network of brokers, lending organizations and franchises. Yes, you read it correctly! You get to build your business with the support of ours.

Joining us would ensure that you not only learn, but we also go to great lengths to help you adapt best practices that are vital to your business being successful in the mortgage brokering industry

Become a Mortgage Broker

Why Choose Addon Brokers

  • Our access to a wide network of financial sources Eg. Banks, Credit Unions, Online Lending Institutions ect) ensures that our brokers can provide you with a rate that’s best for you.

Be a part of a team that takes pride in
standing out from the crowd

Our clients’ aims vary as per their needs of buying a new home, moving home, refinance or invest in property, but our aims are constant. Mortgage broker services from Addon Brokers are aimed at realizing our clients’ investment goals. The motto of our service is simple. We make hundreds of loans available for our clients even from the mainstream banks in the country. We help you to choose the best and most suitable loans for your requirements. Taking a loan is the most significant financial decision you take in your life, but with our expert direction and guidance, it is simple and very fruitful.