Unlock Financial Success with Expert Accountants in Melbourne

Addon Brokers, based in Melbourne, boasts a comprehensive Accounting & Taxation division tailored to address the needs of property purchases and investments. Our team of expert accountants in Melbourne offers an extensive range of services ensuring clients experience seamless accounting and taxation processes. Our services include:

  • Registration/Deregistration: We assist with GST, ABN, and PAYG registrations and deregistrations, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS): Our team manages BAS preparation and lodgement, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.
  • Instalment Activity Statements (IAS): We handle IAS preparation and submission, simplifying complex tax obligations.
  • Annual GST Returns and Reconciliations: Addon Brokers ensures timely filing and accurate reconciliation of annual GST returns.
  • Lodgement of Annual Payment Summaries: We manage the lodgement of annual payment summaries, facilitating smooth reporting processes.
  • Tax Planning: Our experts provide strategic tax planning advice tailored to individual client needs, maximizing tax efficiencies.
  • Tax Returns Filing: We handle tax return preparation and filing, ensuring compliance with all regulations and maximizing deductions.
  • Tax Returns Amendment: Should there be any need for tax return amendments, our team efficiently manages the process.
  • FBT Returns Filing: Addon Brokers assists with FBT returns filing, ensuring compliance with Fringe Benefits Tax regulations.
  • Home Loans: We offer comprehensive support for home loans, guiding clients through the process of securing financing for their property purchases.
  • Re-financing: Our team provides assistance with refinancing existing loans, helping clients optimize their financial arrangements.
  • Investment Loans: Addon Brokers offers expert advice and assistance in obtaining investment loans tailored to individual investment strategies.
  • Commercial Loans: We facilitate the process of securing commercial loans, supporting clients in their business ventures.
  • First Home Buyers Grant: Our team assists first home buyers in navigating the application process for the First Home Buyers Grant.
  • Non-conforming Lending: Addon Brokers provides specialized support for non-conforming lending situations, catering to diverse client needs.

With our dedicated team of accountants in Melbourne, clients can rest assured that their financial affairs are in capable hands, allowing them to focus on their investments and business ventures

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